Dear Ultrain community members,

Thank you all for the overwhelming interest and support for Ultrain’s recent public testnet application. We have received a large number of applications, with candidates applying from all over the world, many of which have a technical background in blockchain. Others have backgrounds in traditional industries, but have demonstrated extreme motivation and passion for Ultrain.

We are pleased to see the widespread awareness of our public chain technology growing, and were impressed by the sincerity with which applications were made.

Ultrain would like to officially announce our first nineteen successful applicants for the testnet! The shortlist below contains participants from all over the world, from places such as China, the United States, South Korea, and Singapore. These early adopters will be providing computational power for the operation of Ultrain’s testnet, and will preview Ultrain’s technology to help complete testing prior to mainnet launch.

We have already sent an official email to each of the following persons. If you are listed below, please pay attention to your email.

  1. [email protected]***.com
  2. [email protected]***.com
  3. [email protected]***.com
  4. [email protected]***.com
  5. [email protected]***.com
  6. [email protected]***.com
  7. [email protected]***.com
  8. [email protected]***.com
  9. [email protected]***.com
  10. [email protected]***.com
  11. [email protected]***.com
  12. [email protected]***.com
  13. [email protected]***.com
  14. [email protected]***.com
  15. [email protected]***.com
  16. [email protected]***.com
  17. [email protected]***.com
  18. [email protected]***.com
  19. [email protected]***.com

Ultrain welcomes everyone to continue submitting testnet applications, and stay tuned for more updates from the team!

Ultrain Team
2018. December 26th