Dear Ultrain community members,

We are excited to announce the launch of Ultrain’s mainnet monitoring page! Click the following link to see the operational status of our permitted mainnet including mining profitability, real-time consensus visualization, and existing mainnet users:

The addition of this visibility feature will further explain Ultrain’s consensus procedure and business model. Please visit the Mainnet Monitoring service (link provided above) and read the supporting article at These resources assist us to comprehend Ultrain’s token economic system, and understand how Ultrain’s model is based on a notion of servicing and empowering the fundamentals of the real economy.

Ultrain business development model is dependable and scalable; as the demand for blockchain services increases, Ultrain’s economic system will grow accordingly to meet the interests of early adopters, as well as ensure the healthy development of the entire business ecosystem.



Since the call went out for Ultrain’s second round of testnet miner recruitment, we received many applications from all over the world. Thank you all once again for the great interest!
The following is the list of successful applicants – welcome to the Ultrain testnet family and enjoy your preview of Ultrain’s technology.

1、[email protected]
2、[email protected]
3、[email protected]
4、[email protected]
5、[email protected]
6、[email protected]
7、[email protected]
8、[email protected]
9、[email protected]
10、[email protected]
11、[email protected]
12、[email protected]

(The list below represents the selected miners since December 26 2018 to January 13,2019)


Ultrain encourages everyone to continue submitting testnet applications, and stay tuned for more updates from the team!

Thank you all for your continued support of Ultrain.

Ultrain Team
2019. January 25th